How to Make your Mac Run Faster?

Why Mac is Sluggish

We love our Macs. These beautiful machines give us the best experience with their excellent trouble-free performance. However, even Macs can get sluggish and “forgetful” as they age. You may not notice it right away, but then the moment comes and you realize that your device is not as fast as it used to be. Why is this happening, and what can you do about it? The following categories will tell you about it all.

Mac is Sluggish
  • To improve Mac performance, look no further! Here you will find proven and time-tested methods, as well as some exclusive tips on how to optimize all the processes and make your Apple computer run like on the first day you brought it home.
  • Is your Mac startup slow? We know how to fix this issue and gladly share best actionable insights with you. After applying our hand-picked expert recommendations on fine-tuning Mac boot-up process, you can expect your Mac to start up in 20-30 seconds or even faster.
  • If your Mac is running slow, there are gazillion things that might be wrong, as you already learned from the above. Some of those peeves are easier to manage while some can make give you a real headache and make your experience with Mac less than satisfactory. That is why we devoted a substantial part of our library to the issues with macOS’s productivity.
  • There’s no shortage of methods to make Mac faster by upgrading hardware (which, in turn, requires shelling out solid financial resources). Yet, first, you should try all possible techniques to adjust and fine-tune the OS. It won’t cost you a penny but will definitely help if you need to speed up Mac El Capitan or latest macOS High Sierra.
  • The slow Mac Internet is worth a special mention, because problems with the Web may occur due to various reasons regardless of the browser you use. If pages take ages to load, check this directory for the tips on how to deal with the issue.
  • Optimizing torrents download process on your Apple computer is just another hot topic for many users around the globe. Learn how to speed up uTorrent Mac by correctly adjusting the client’s settings, router’s configurations, and operating system preferences.

Tools to quicken Mac

To maintain your work with Macbook trouble-free and smoothly running, you may want to use specialized tools. There is quite a number to choose from, so to make it easier for you, we have them gathered all in one place, tested and rated.

is a complex optimization software, junk removal, antivirus and more. In other words, the entire suit of individual utilities.

is a popular app for solving performance problems and looking up junk files.

is another multifunctional utility for miscellaneous maintenance and cleaning tasks

is mac cleaning software that provide all must have functionality to maintain your Mac system storage.

The list is by no means complete and we will keep it updated. Check out our categories to find more.

My Mac is slow. How and why?

Particular apps may demand more space and memory. It often happens after big updates. They become so-called “resource hogs” consuming all the memory space they can get and draining your laptop’s capacity. You can inspect your Activity Monitor or run a test of your system to identify those resource-hungry apps. Decide whether they are worth keeping: deleting rarely used apps will increase your Mac’s speed substantially.

Your device runs too many unnecessary apps when it starts. You add apps to the “Login Items” list because you think this will save you the time, but do not actually use the apps each time you run your Mac. Maybe you just skipped the step where you could uncheck this option during the installation process. Anyway, the list must be as short as possible. Delete everything you do not use every day.

Your disk may not have enough space. Duplicates, junk files, and leftovers hamper the work of your computer and slow it down. Sometimes you do not even know they exist. However, it is important to identify them regularly. Get rid of everything you do not need anymore. You can do it manually, but that is rather meticulous and time-consuming. Instead, you can use apps to speed up Mac.

Your desktop is cluttered with too many files. We all tend to quicksave files on the desktop. Often it is the easiest and the fastest way. However, time passes, more pressing tasks pile up, so we forget to sort the files into folders. If your desktop becomes a mess, make a time for a quick cleanup. This will increase your Mac’s capacity, particularly the startup process.

Finally, you still have the hard drive instead of a solid-state drive and it needs defragmentation. It is rarely the case with Macs, but if your HDD is very old and you have a large number of files bigger than 1 GB stored on it, it might be. If you have not done it already, upgrading to SSD will work wonders, speeding up your Mac and sparing you from the trouble in the future.

Make Slow Mac Fast

How to Make My Slow Mac Fast

This site is focused on solutions to improve your Mac’s performance. Here you can find complete information on every productivity issue there is together with the advice on how to deal with it, plus tips and tricks to avoid such trouble before it even appears.

Check out our categories to find information on best tools to increase your Mac’s speed, find advice on maintenance and other useful tips, and enjoy your fast and smoothly running laptop!