Having a secure and proficient laptop for work and personal projects is a must these days. Apple Mac devices can provide users with high performance and maintain a creative impulse of any complexity.  However, there is one pitfall posing a challenge for many Mac users – limited disk space. Even though Mac’s storage capacity is configurable, ‘startup disk full’ alert is a serious warning sign. To ensure efficiency and stability, keeping your Apple computer clean is very important.

AVG CleanerUsers can find a plethora of Mac cleaning tools online. AVG Cleaner is one of the most advertised instruments for effective junk removal from your Apple laptop. A free of charge application, AVG Mac Cleaner is available for download from the App Store, or at the AVG official online resource. AVG Cleaner is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 or higher. It is promoted as a tool that can easily declutter your Mac’s SSD or HDD to help you reclaim the precious storage space. So, what is good about AVG Cleaner for Mac computers?

AVG Cleaner for Mac Functionality Review

Over time, computers tend to lose their initial performance and become sluggish. That can happen even to the most proficient Apple Mac computers. Gradually, their SSD drives get overcrowded with crash logs, system junk, file duplicates, caches, and temporary files. Even though AVG Cleaner may lack some of the features offered by premium cleaning tools, it is still a better option than manual cleaning.

No need to seek unnecessary files on your Mac and delete them one by one. No need to Google the complicated methods of .plst file removal to clear up the likeness of Windows registry on your Mac. AVG Cleaner will perfectly suit users who wish to forget about time-consuming and tedious Mac cleaning procedures. In case you are looking for cleaning capabilities teamed up with anti-spyware protection, using AVG Cleaner together with AVG AntiVirus is your best option.

Using AVG Cleaner for your Mac laptop will eliminate any residual data and reclaim the disk space for new images, audio and video files, and applications. The AVG cleaning tool can boast an impressive array of features to ensure fast and effective cleaning of your Mac. The main dashboard contains two options: Disk Cleaner and Duplicate Finder.

AVG Disk Cleaner

  • Disk Cleaner feature will help to find and get rid of the hidden clutter on your Mac’s hard drive. AVG Cleaner can easily discover and purge downloads, application caches, iPhoto library trash, and other system junk.

AVG Cleaner Duplicate Finder

  • Duplicate Finder feature runs an in-depth disk check to locate file duplicates. With its help, you can delete duplicated folders, documents, images, movies, and whatnot.

AVG AntiVirus

  • Using AVG AntiVirus together with AVG Cleaner can help improve your Mac’s performance big time. AVG AntiVirus comes supplied with drag-and-drop functionality, so you can either scan the particular folders by dragging and dropping them into the program interface. Alternatively, you can launch an in-depth scan of your Mac with a single click.

How to Clean Mac with AVG Cleaner?

Using AVG Cleaner may require some explanation for Mac users with little experience. As soon as you download the app from the AppStore or its official vendor’s website, running a system scan should not be a problem. AVG Cleaner comes packed with extensive user guidance describing the typical issues. Besides, users of AVG products can address the tech support service whenever they have any questions.

AVG Cleaner can boast fast scanning speed. However, the projected and actually reclaimed disk space may not match. For instance, AVG Cleaner discovers several gigabytes of system junk to remove from your hard disk after the scan.  After the cleaning procedure is finished, turns out the app has removed only a couple hundreds of megabytes. Also, once the files are purged, you can’t ‘undelete’ them.

To reclaim the valuable disk space on your Mac using AVG Cleaner, follow these steps:

  1. Download and launch AVG Cleaner.

There are two main features located on the dashboard: Disk Cleaner and Duplicate Finder. Opt for Disk Cleaner first.

  1. Run a scan to search for hidden cache files.

Each time you launch applications, play games, or surf the Internet, your Apple Mac laptop accumulates junk. Typically, these are temporary files stored in the cache, system errors, or numerous log files containing the information of system activities.

To launch a system scan, click the ‘Scan Mac’ button in the Disk Cleaner section. AVG Cleaner will run a thorough scan to look for residual application data, hidden cache, and other junk.

  1. Check the scan results and free up the disk space.

One of the advantages offered by AVG Cleaner is an itemized list of trash files. It is worth checking the Downloads and Trash folders first. Then, users can look through the cache and log files and proceed with cleaning.

Click the ‘View & Clean’ button to view the scan results. After that, you will see the list of items to purge. If you need more information about a particular file category, click on the arrows on the left to each file group. Untick the file groups you wish to leave on your Mac. When ready, click the ‘Clean’ button in the upper right corner of the app window.

  1. Search for file doubles.

It is natural for file duplicates to pile up as you use your Mac laptop on a regular basis. To locate the file doubles with AVG Cleaner, access the Duplicate Finder section and click the ‘Scan Folders’ button. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a specific folder into the app window. When AVG asks to specify the folders to scan, start with the home folder. Select the folder and click ‘Scan.’

  1. Recover the disk space.

When the scan is over, look through the file duplicates to learn about their creation date and location. After that, figure out the files to keep and to delete.

To view the scan results, click the ‘View Results’ button. The application will provide you with a list of file doubles to purge. Click the arrows on the left to learn more about a particular file. Deselect the file doubles you wish to keep. When ready, click ‘Clean’ to reclaim the disk space.

In Conclusion

AVG Cleaner is a safe cleaning and maintenance tool for Mac from a trusted software developer. In spite of being a free application, it has great functionality and is effective in terms of data elimination. However, it has a few pitfalls users should know about. It may happen that the planned and actually purged disk space don’t correlate. Also, the app has no ‘undelete’ option, so you can’t bring the files you removed back. All in all, AVG Cleaner used together with AVG AntiVirus is a good combo for your Mac’s cleaning and protection.