The discussion around third-party Mac cleaners doesn’t seem to stop. The market is saturated with free and paid solutions for Mac cleaning and maintenance. “Is it possible to remove the trash on my Mac completely using a third-party app? How to choose the best Mac cleaner?” are typical questions asked in the Apple community. Owing to a vast functionality range, cleaning applications for Mac find their target audience easily. Blinded by the scope of optimization and maintenance possibilities, users disregard expensive price tags. However, all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes free Mac cleaning apps come on par with their paid competitors regarding functionality. Read on to find out if free apps for Mac cleaning are worth your attention.

Free Mac System Cleaner: Features Roundup

The major purpose of any Mac cleaner is disk space recovery. All other features typically group around this core functionality. So, what are the tools offered by the majority of third-party cleaning apps?

· RAM Optimization

Most modern applications are memory-intensive. Graphics editors, computer games, video rendering tools are RAM-eaters decreasing Mac’s performance. Why is RAM cleaning necessary on a Mac? The random access memory has a flaw very few users know. Even after you quit an application, specific processes continue running in the background. Launching the Activity Monitor app to find and abort idle processes can help. However, Mac cleaning apps have a better option. Thanks to its RAM cleaning functionality, a Mac cleaner can identify the memory intensive apps and idle processes to quit them for you.

all processes activity monitor

· App Leftovers Removal

Uninstalling an application by dragging it to the Trash, deletes the app itself. However, residual data stays somewhere in your Mac’s folders. People with plenty of free time can look for app leftovers and delete them manually in the following locations:

  • /Library/Application Support;
  • ~/Library/Saved Application State;
  • ~/Library/Caches;
  • ~/Library/Preferences;
  • /var/folders.

People who value their time will use a Mac cleaning application as a more practical solution. All it takes is one click to scan the folders for residual data and remove the remnants of deleted applications.

· Duplicate Files Removal

Coming across file duplicates is inevitable if you’re using a Mac for a long time. Typically, file doubles locate in Documents, Downloads, and Mail Attachments folders. Searching for duplicate files in the manual mode is extremely time-consuming, which is why using a Mac duplicate cleaner is a lot better. Special algorithms allow locating and removing duplicates in no time. The application checks not only file names, but also the file contents to make sure this is a file copy.

macintosh HD

·Disk Space Cleanup

If you want your Mac to work properly, always keep up to 15% of its startup disk space vacant. Otherwise, you’ll experience a variety of issues like system errors, kernel panics, slow boot times and much more. Mac users can free up the startup disk manually by uninstalling unused apps, deleting old and big files, emptying the Trash. macOS Sierra and High Sierra users can transfer some of the space-eating data to the iCloud Drive using the Optimized Storage utilities. However, if you’re looking for the maximum effect, use a Mac cleaner.

Apps like this analyze the contents of your Mac’s startup disk and single out big and old files taking up significant space. Some third-party Mac cleaners can have an inbuilt software uninstallation module to help you remove specific apps. Some paid applications can boast a file Shredder feature meant to erase sensitive data securely. It is also possible to remove the mail attachments stored as temporary files.

· Background Monitoring

Background system monitoring is the top-notch selling point for a Mac cleaning app. Some latest software tools offer users advanced smart assistant meant to provide maintenance and improvement suggestions as well as the help to schedule Mac’s cleaning routines. Owing to the background monitoring, you will always know when your Mac needs service and optimization.

Is It Worth Getting a Mac Cache File Cleaner for Free?

Cleaning functionality typically involves system junk removal. Temporary files, system caches, and logs, unused language packages pile up on Mac’s startup disk causing long boot times, system errors, freeze-ups, and slow work. Neglecting periodic cleaning procedures, users put their Apple devices in jeopardy! A Mac cleaner takes all the trash away in one click. The application scans the standard locations to contain system junk and removes the findings afterward.

Free Mac Cleaner Software Reviews

Mac cleaning applications distributed for free have received positive user reviews. However, free apps are quite limited in capabilities; this is why Mac users prefer using paid third-party solutions. Subscription-based cleaning applications are chosen over the “one-time purchase” solutions more often. Several subscription plans fit different user segments and allow cutting the expenses. For instance, MacFly Pro has been positively acclaimed by many users for great results and reasonable pricing policy. Thanks to the free 7-day trial, users can learn if they need this app and compare it to similar cleaning applications.

Bottom Line

Free and paid Mac cleaning applications from trusted developers can make a user’s life easier. With third-party cleaning applications, minimum user involvement is needed, which is great for Mac beginners. Software like this helps to automate and schedule Mac maintenance processes. Getting a free Mac cleaner can target specific issues, while paid apps offer a vast range of functionality tending to multiple system areas. Subscription-based applications are chosen over the “one-time purchase” apps. The subscription model appeals to different customer groups due to a price selection. To use or not to use third-party cleaners is up to you, so choose what’s best for your Mac!