Perhaps, just like some other Mac owners, you have noticed a significant drop in performance. Usually, the users complain of the decreased speed. It makes every person rather annoyed to waste hours in front of the monitor waiting for each app, media file, or website to launch. The last straw is the endlessly loading text documents that almost weigh nothing.

Most of the users wonder why it happens. By knowing the reasons, it is easier to prevent similar irritating situations in the future. Benchmarking helps to evaluate all aspects of hardware and software, such as speed, CPU behavior, and graphics performance. Why is it necessary to have a quick drive? Well, a fast drive alone can keep up with the reading/writing requirements of various apps.

One of the most known tools to scan the speed of Mac’s drive is Blackmagic Disk Speed Test. Luckily, this solution is free of charge, so you risk losing nothing in case the test does not help. However, such situations are unknown. Thus, hard disk speed test Mac will help to determine the exact speed of any type of drive.

Reasons to Run Blackmagic Hard Drive Speed Test on Your Mac

Once a Mac owner launches the tool, a couple of rotary speed gauges show up. The first one stands for reads while the second one is for writes respectively. If you have a look under these dials, you will notice a checklist of possible features. What is the principle of work? The test writes a huge data block to the chosen drive. While doing so, Blackmagic Disk Speed Test examines how fast the write speed is. After that, the tool reads it back and offers the findings. If you forget to switch off this test, do not worry: you will just keep receiving the reports displaying the actual working speed of the target drive. As far as the disk capacity and performance drops over time, a Blackmagic Hard Drive Speed Test would be helpful.

As it was mentioned in the opening section, you can get the tool for free, and all you have to do is to find one in the App Store. In the expert exam, Blackmagic Disk Speed did its best by working as promised by the developers. The tool did not cause any issues. The test helped to identify whether an Apple computer will be able to launch real-time video/audio apps. Overall, the tool is initially geared towards video performance. It’s just great in evaluating the device’s speed in general.

Perhaps, there is only one obvious disadvantage of Blackmagic – the way a user selects the drives for examination. Why? Just access the tool’s settings by pushing the gear button. You can also launch either the “File” or “Stress” menu in the toolbar. As you can see, it is possible to select a single drive per once.

However, Blackmagic Disk Speed Test allows obtaining top-quality video!

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Blackmagic SSD Test: How It Works

Would you like to find out how to test SSD Mac with the help of Blackmagic Disk Speed Test tool? The process itself is very easy.

  1. Download Blackmagic Disk Speed Test from the App Store.
  2. Go to your Applications folder.
  3. Launch Blackmagic after the download to discover just one window along with a “Speed Test Start” function. Do not forget to decide on the corresponding settings:
  • Mac volume;
  • Size of the test file to be used;
  1. The owners of a single drive can push that button to begin the scanning. The results will show up shortly.

Explore the speedometer-looking areas at the top of the window along with the different columns at the bottom once the process of scanning is over. The results will show whether the target disk performs well when it comes to processing different video formats and sizes. Repeat the operation with each drive separately if there are multiple drives on your Mac.

Except for the hard drives and solid-state drives, the tool can also scan the Fusion drives for the quality of their performance. Consider a scenario: a MacBook Air writes to an SSD at something about 180 mb/sec and reads at 220 mb/sec. At the same time, a hard drive on the same device writes at 45 mb/sec and reads at only 60 mb/sec. It is obvious that a solid-state disk is doing way better, so it will run the video files of HD quality much faster.

Thus, the main idea of Blackmagic Speed Test is to check which of the drives works fastest, and which one is better to work with various video formats.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test for Mac: The Best Thing You Can Get for Free?

Dig into the details by reading more information on how the tool works. Once the scanning procedure begins by writing the test file to the chosen disk, be ready to wait for just about 8 seconds for the procedure to finish. After the read, the test will repeat. Altogether, it will take approximately 16 seconds.

Speaking of the product’s pros, it is one of the easiest and fastest disk speed tests on the market. It always guarantees fast results almost in real-time. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test is geared towards video experts but is good for everyone who wonders about the speed of his Mac. Finally, it is free of charge.

As for the negative sides, the tool does not offer extensive performance data. It has restricted configuration features. At last, there is no data logging for contrasting numerous speed tests.

Other third-party applications exist to check the computer’s performance. Still, Blackmagic might be the quickest and most accurate free testing tool.