Any operating system needs a regular maintenance, even if it a proud Mac OS. Every day the amount of information on a disk storage unit of any computer increases, which means that eventually there will be a necessity for a full cleanup.

It’s a good thing if there are few unnecessary files and they are all visible, but this kind of situation happens to very few people (the chosen ones:) Generally, trash is accumulated in different folders all over your OS, so it is very difficult to get rid of manually.

A good assistant here is the CleanMyMac3 tool, which has been on the market for quite a while and is considered one of the best among the similar programs.

Smart Cleanup

cleanmymac appCleanMyMac has a smart cleanup feature that uses all the channels to find junk files on a computer. Using this feature, you don’t bear any risks of harming your OS or any of its apps and components. The developers seem to come up with a very safe yet effective cleaning algorithm.

After you push a start button in your smart cleanup, the program begins looking for cashe files, duplicates, email attachments and other unnecessary documents that take the precious space on your Mac. As soon as this search is finished, you will be offered to clean your computer from all of these files. You may need to enter your password at this point.

This smart cleanup conducted on a weekly basis can help you regularly get rid of completely useless documents that your would spend hours looking for yourself. Here you can also see the amount of all the junk that the smart cleanup has taken care of since the installation. This data is simple and graphic.

Deep Cleaning

Another section Clean My Mac App offers is Deep Cleaning. If has six sub-features, each having unique and useful functions.

cleanmymac3 system junk

  • Photo junk category used to be named iPhoto junk. It is a very nice option if you have thousands of pictures on your Mac and want to optimize the whole thing. The program deletes duplicate photos and RAW files with JPEG ones. Use this option carefully, though, especially if you are a photographer or photo editor and you may need those RAW files.
  • Mail attachments cleans your mail from different attachments and downloaded files. If you haven’t ever cleaned your mail, you may find several gigabytes of unnecessary files just lying there. We suggest you to look through the found files before deleting them, though. There may be some documents you do not want to loose.
  • iTunes junk is also a great feature. It searches for duplicate music files, unnecessary backups, unfinished downloads, old OS update files, program duplicates, etc.

clean my mac software

  • Trash bins. Yes, it’s plural. You Mac probably has more than one trash bin. Some programs like Aperture have their own trash bins. Looking for and cleaning those may be quite a problem. Trash bins option by Clean My Mac Software cleans not only the basic trash bin, but also all the additional ones.  
  • Large and old files is a cool option, too. The program scans your computer and shows you all the files bigger than 5 gigabytes that haven’t been used or changed for a long time. You should carefully go through these files before allowing deleting them.

cleanmymac old files


Uninstaller is one of the most useful features of CleanMyMac 3. If you manually delete an app from your Mac, in most cases a bunch of additional components of this app will stay. The program deletes them all including all the folders and files.

Maintenance and Privacy can clear a browser history, download history, lists of recent files, saved passwords and many other things. You can do that in your browser, also, but here it is more convenient, especially if you have more than one browser.

Extensions utility has many options and settings that allow you to manage your plugins, extensions, widgets and add-ons. Here you can choose which ones should login automatically. It is a great feature because you have all of your extensions in one place.

Shredder feature allows you to delete files with no ability to recover.

Is CleanMyMac safe?

Many people ask this question and for some reason are afraid to this or any Cleanmymac alternatives on their computers. As to Clean My Mac 3, it safe in two cases – if you download it from the official website and if you know how to use it. Therefore, you are the one who makes it safe. So read all the instructions before you start using the program and everything will be alright.

How to uninstall Cleanmymac?

The uninstalling process is very simple here. You can either delete it by just dragging it into the trash bin. In this case, though, you will have many leftover files left. The other option is to delete it with the help of Uninstalled within the program. It is as simple as that.

uninstall cleanmymac

As a conclusion, it is worth saying that CleanMyMac 3 is considered the best Mac cleaning app for a reason. It has a simple and pretty interface that allows even an unexperienced user to keep his or her Mac clean. So, we believe it is definitely worth trying.