Almost every Mac owner has plenty of junk that has been languishing on the hard drive for years taking up a lot of space. Multiple types of junk files exist, so it is difficult to take care of them all by yourself. Even the most experienced users face problems with the lack of space from time to time. From superfluous items to app leftovers, it is critical to check every single corner of your Apple computer. Another way is to let the scanning and cleaning processes flow automatically. In any case, those who have a limited hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD) need to take the garbage out at least once per month. It will prevent one from the unpleasant situations like sudden system slowdown or unwillingness of some applications to work properly or even launch at all.

What this review talks about is one of the known cleaning tools for Mac – Mac Disk Doctor. Shifting the drive manually is a thorny way, and it is nothing like making the process automated. The developers from Fiplab introduced a quick and safe solution in the shape of time-tested software. Mac Disk Doctor offers almost everything an average Mac owner needs for a happy life, but still has its gaps like other third-party tools.

Disk Doctor Mac Review of Features & Functionality

Are you looking for the free or cheap method to release some space on your Mac’s hard drive? Then, Disk Doctor for Mac may work. It is also secure and even has some awards from Apple. This cleaning tool checks the entire drive thoroughly to detect any files, folders, processes, and apps that could cause the loss of system’s productivity. After the scan, Mac Disk Doctor offers to eliminate the junk completely. A user may download this software for just $2.99 (the price of Disk Doctor 3.0, the most recent version of the cleaner. The app is available in the App Store.

This cleaning tool checks the startup hard drive to detect useless or old items. The primary goal of any cleaner is to free up space on Mac. This way, it is possible to speed up the Apple computer. In particular, Disk Doctor deals with the following types of a mess:

  • Applications caches, temp files, and logs;
  • Browser history, cookies, and downloads;
  • Mail attachments;
  • “Heavy” files (those that weigh more than 100 MB);
  • Developer files;
  • Old software updates;
  • Files located in Trash.

In a few clicks, one can get rid of the useless, unneeded, and outdated items. It saves plenty of time compared to the manual method.

disk doctor cleaner

For some sections such as Mail Downloads, a user may preview the items to be removed by choosing every category’s View option. Prior to erasing the specific folder’s contents, it is possible to place any necessary items you wish to keep elsewhere.

The next question is whether it is worth purchasing the latest version of Disk Doctor. Taking into account the developers fixed bugs with a user interface (the one that affected users with rather tiny screen resolutions), this version is better than the previous ones.

The requirements are:

  • Intel 64-bit processor;
  • Mac OS X 10.7.3 or later.

Pros & Cons of Using Norton Disk Doctor Mac: To Buy or Not to Buy?

To sum up, Disk Doctor is a fairly good performance recovery tool for Apple computers, which potential, however, can hardly be called prominent. It is better to avoid getting a cracked version of the software via some torrents or elsewhere as they may contain malware, adware, or viruses. Still, remember that some free sources offer a serial number and key for this app.

As it was mentioned above, the recent 3.0 version has an advanced, brand new user interface with Retina display support. The developer has also optimized the performance of Disk Doctor to make the cleaning process even better than before.

How about some disadvantages? First of all, it is paid. The thing is, the market offers many apps with similar functionality completely for free. Without spending a cent, it is possible to free up enough space. Also, Disk Doctor hardly does something that you cannot do yourself with the help of Mac’s built-in utilities after spending some time on Internet research.

Another pitfall is the fact this cleaner is meant to work only with the computer’s boot volume. It is impossible to check an external volume and release some disk space there.

Still, the cleaner is easy-to-use and stable. Some users claim they managed to release more than one gigabyte of space on their Apple computer. You will be surprised how much space can take, for instance, the assorted language files. It is also difficult to get rid of the app leftovers without a helping software like Disk Doctor. Mind, however, that some applications, whose language-support files have been removed, might later deny upgrading to the newer versions. Thus, one more disadvantage of the cleaner is that it does not warn a user about the importance of some files in the system.

On the whole, the guys from Fiplab still have place and space to move on and improve their product. Meanwhile, you may start with the latest available version’s demo to find out whether this cleaning app works for you.