There are several types of junk data to eliminate on Mac if you want your machine to run fast. The most annoying and useless type of computer junk is duplicate files. Those are copies of files a user cannot detect from the first sight. Moreover, he/she might just have no idea that such items exist on the hard disk, solid-state drive, iCloud, and other possible locations. It makes the situation rather confusing unless a Mac owner decides to download and install a third-party cleaner like Easy Duplicate Finder. It is possible to get a serial key and crack the application in order to use it for free. But this way is often used by wicked distributors who bundle pirate software with malicious programs. Thus, you may open your computer to many hazards. To avoid problems with malware and adware, it is better to purchase an official version. The price of the full version of Easy Duplicate Finder depends on the period and quantity of computers the user wishes to scan. For instance, the license key for a one year for a single computer will cost $39.95.

easyduplicatefinder license

If you wish to find out how reliable an app is, it is important to know its developer. Keep in mind this golden rule! For example, EasyDuplicateFinder was created by WebMinds, Inc., which is a trusted, time-tested company. It specializes in app development as well as Internet services for several years so far. Being a true photograph adept, one of the guys used to end up with roughly 40% of duplicates having no idea, which files exactly are waste. That is how an idea of Easy Duplicate Finder came to his mind. The software works based on CRC32 Checksum + File-size.

The main benefit of the software is that it has a user-friendly interface and simple navigation. Its developers tried to make the finder as easy to use as possible. However, EasyDuplicateFinder has its pitfalls as well. Read the review below to decide whether the software is worth trying.

What Types of Items Can Easy Duplicate File Finder Deal with?

The first thing you should know is that Easy Duplicate Finder is compatible with both Windows and Apple computers (starting from OS X 10.6). The main function is to check the numerous files, folders and drives to detect the clones of items. Before purchasing one of the available plans based on the period and number of machines you have, try the free version. It has limited functionality, but at least you will understand the main principle. Photo duplicates are, perhaps, the most common type of dupes.

easyduplicatefinder scan

Overall, EasyDuplicate Finder can find the following types of duplicates:

  1. Images;
  2. Documents;
  3. Music;
  4. Videos;
  5. Apps;
  6. Contacts;
  7. Emails.

The mission of the application is not just to find, but also erase the dupes to recover gigabytes of space on your Mac. Another feature that makes this tool stand out from the rest of the duplicate finders and cleaners is that it is possible to restore any deleted duplicate by pushing the Undo button. The question is how powerful the app is meaning how accurate it is when defining the doubles.

What does the process look like with EasyDuplicateFinder? Start with choosing files and dives (the app allows selecting multiple locations to scan).

easyduplicatefinder folders

After that, get rid of the junk in 3 simple steps:

  1. Adding folders;
  2. Running a scan;
  3. Removing duplicate items.

Do not forget to specify such things as the size limits if you need more accurate, quicker results. A Mac owner may either erase the offered duplicate files automatically, or observe the results before eliminating stuff, moving, or renaming the dupes.

As for the speed of work, the software checks the system very quickly. It can analyze more than 2,000 files in less than half a minute. Speaking of greater amounts like 25,000 items, it may take less than 3 minutes! Choose Go Fix Them button once the scan is over to solve the problem with the lack of space.

Features of EasyDuplicateFinder Full Version

Okay, you know the steps now, but how exactly the application works? The principle is based on the advanced file comparison algorithm, which is smart enough to run the scanning process in the background without forcing a user to watch the entire thing. It saves plenty of time. The developers claim that Easy Duplicate Finder delivers 100% accurate results, but it is not possible for any app like that to be absolutely accurate. Some files with the same names but different contents may be recognized as duplicates. In other cases, the software may fail to recognize some dupes as the content is the same, but the user named the items differently by mistake.

One option can help to achieve more accurate results. Take the best of the included management and maintenance tools like categorization. It is possible to categorize scan results by file type and preview the findings. The advanced users may come up with file search masks and apply advanced context menu features. These features assist in managing items effectively. Except for Mac’s locations, a user may find and remove dupes from various storage services like iCloud and Apple applications like iTunes.

The full list of EasyDuplicateFinder features includes:

  1. True duplicate detector;
  2. More than ten scan modes for various files;
  3. Compare and contrast items by checksum/content;
  4. Preview the full list of results;
  5. Undo accidental removals;
  6. Erase dupes from iTunes, Photos, iPhoto, Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive;
  7. Wizard + helper for single-click management of copies.

Those are all great features, but, compared to other duplicate finders, EasyDuplicateFinder seems overpriced. Perhaps, the thing is this application can also clean your Mac by deleting the detected supplicates, unlike many similar tools. Still, the price could be a bit more loyal. It might make sense to search for the cheaper solution.

EasyDuplicateFinder features

As for some other drawbacks, it is worth mentioning that a delay in the “progress” animation is present during the scanning procedure. However, it does not affect the performance or outcomes. At the same time, the fact a full list of results is compatible with other third-party tools make the disadvantages less noticeable. Also, keep in mind that EasyDuplicate Finder for Mac allows scanning only preset types of files.

To sum up, Easy Duplicate Finder is a cool duplicate detector and removal that works pretty fast, but it may seem a bit overpriced to some users.