After paying a considerable amount of money for your Mac, you expect it to take care of itself, so you put minimal effort for its maintenance. Besides the hardware part and operational system, its price includes the quality guarantee.

Indeed, your computer obediently executes your commands without a delay for the first months after the purchase. However, it eventually begins to slow down making you consider its optimization.

Why do you need to optimize your Mac performance?

You definitely do not want to waste your time on waiting while using your computer (especially when things are so bad you manage to make a cup of coffee before Safari finally opens up). Worth mentioning, you may also need your Mac to work as hard as it can, so you can use “demanding” apps like 3D rendering software or play video games. However, buying a new one is probably not an option.

Good news is that you can easily improve the situation without earning a computer science degree. Simple actions for Mac optimization can make it work like a new one.

How can you speed up your computer?

  • Free up space on the hard drive

Depending on your Mac’s model and configuration, you get a certain amount of hard disk space. If you only surf the Internet, watch videos and do similar stuff, 128Gb will seem just enough. However, if you get tons of e-mail every day, work with professional software, store projects that are several gigabytes and cannot add more space, you will notice that your computer is slow to respond rather soon. Clean up your hard drive from unnecessary files. If you are afraid to delete them permanently, use cloud storage services like Mega that gives you 50Gb for free.

use cloud storage

Do not download plenty of apps on your Mac just to test them and forget about. For instance, I have once installed several browsers, ended up using Safari, but left the dead weight on my computer for five months. It was taking up space that could be used for other purposes. Do not follow my example.

It is worth noting that fans of freeware usually have many apps installed they initially did not intend to use.  My advice is not to download this kind of software, since there is no such thing as a free lunch. Read carefully all the information you see during the installation process and do not press OK before you do not delete all the unnecessary ticks that offer to install additional programs.

If you particularly interested in gaming, you need to know how to optimize your Mac to draw all its resources available. In this case, recovering the storage space is not enough. Why? That is because Apple computers are not built for games.

They lack characteristics needed for serious gaming, especially if we talk about graphic cards. It may sound strange, since many designers prefer Apple products. The point is you cannot benefit both graphic design work and playing high graphic video games. You can choose only one thing, and with Mac, you get a card optimized for creating high quality graphics.

That is one of the reasons why most games are designed for PCs these days, since the latter provide better gaming experience.

According to the results of the monthly survey conducted by Steam, only 2.95% of players use Macs.

Does that mean the only option for you to entertain yourself is watching videos? Absolutely not. You can still enjoy medium spec games. However, in order to make your computer a good gaming machine, you need to speed it up as much as possible. Check out other tips on how to optimize your Mac.

making mac better

  • Make sure you do not overload RAM

The most common reason for RAM to be overconsumed are applications running simultaneously, launched either intentionally or automatically. The number of open apps has a big impact on your gaming experience, thus, you have to close all programs before starting the game. In addition, you can identify performance-draining apps and processes in the Activity Monitor and make them rest for a while.

It goes without saying, that you also need to prevent apps from launching automatically. To find them, open your Mac’s System preferences and select Users and groups. Select your user account, then click on Login items and you will see a list of applications set to launch automatically at login. Now you are able to remove unnecessary items.

  • Get rid from a mosaic of icons on your desktop

It is so tempting to save the files and shortcuts on the desktop, so many Mac users make it look like this.

unnecessary icons

Besides being messy, your cluttered desktop slows down your computer. It is because of the way the graphical system works. All the images are stored in RAM, which allows your computer to quickly show you the content behind icons. That means you need to sort your files out and create folders for them by clicking File and selecting New folder or pressing Command-Shift-N. Then drag and drop files to the respective folders. Thank to this you will also relieve yourself of the need to search the entire computer for something in the future.

How much time do I usually spend to optimize my Mac?

You may think it takes to much time to maintain your Mac. This assumption holds true if you only collect gigabytes of information and postpone sorting it out. We all feel exhausted after spring cleaning our home and promise ourselves not to let things deteriorate to the point of needing immediate actions ever again.

I spend only about half an hour every week to check if my computer is in a good condition: I delete junk, place new files to the right places and check the settings of the newly installed apps.

You can also develop such a habit. Remember that prevention is better than cure, thus, regularly taking a few solid organizational measures will save you hours in the future and ensure your excellent user experience.