Keeping your Mac clean is important to ensure its high performance and efficiency. macOS onboard utilities allow targeted approach to specific optimization issues. However, some complex situations can’t be sorted out using basic system tools. Mac users have to resort to third-party applications to cope with particular problems. The thing is, most of these apps are paid.

iBoostUp is a free tool for Mac OS optimization. Available for download in Mac AppStore, the application handles Mac maintenance issues fast and easy. It claims to enhance your Mac’s performance by removing unneeded files, correcting hard disk errors, providing productivity advice and displaying system information. Moreover, staying on guard of user privacy, the app helps to purge suspicious cookie files.

The Roundup of iBoostUp Functionality

You can download and use iBoostUp Mac optimizer absolutely free of charge, yet specific options are available to review in-app. iBoostUp Premium version that includes all in-app purchases comes at a one-off payment of $21.99.

iBoostUp has 4 task sections: Cleaning, Optimization, Security, and System. Each chapter includes functionality to fulfill the specific task. To learn more about app’s functionality range, let’s check out its core features.

  • Cleaning section includes Quick Clean, Old and Unused Files, Cookies and Duplicate File Finder options.

Duplicate File Finder feature allows decluttering your Mac’s disk by finding files with identical content, no matter location or filename. Then, it is possible to review and remove selected files. In case of deleting files by mistake, they are recoverable from Trash until it is emptied (the feature is free for premium users, available for in-app purchase for Mac OS Lion or higher).

Using Old and Unused File Scanner will help to optimize your Mac’s disk space and get rid of outdated and unnecessary data (the feature is free for premium users, available for in-app purchase for Mac OS Lion or higher).

The Quick Clean feature will help to purge browser cache, cookies, system logs and cache, language files, etc.

Quick Clean feature

  • Optimization section contains Disk Health, Memory Booster, and Network features.

macOS allows efficient system memory management on its own. However, in some cases, Mac’s performance can be enhanced by freeing memory manually. Memory Booster is geared to free up your Mac’s RAM. Use it before launching memory-hungry software like games, emulation apps or graphic design packages. It is possible to optionally release system memory with Boost Now function (the feature is free for premium users, available for in-app purchase for Mac OS Lion or higher).

Also, running periodic disk scans and fixing hard disk errors with Disk Health will ensure faster startup times and is meant to make your Mac more responsive. Using Network Optimization feature will help you manage and optimize your Mac’s network settings for most visited websites.

  • Security section contains ARP Cache Poisoning Detector, Firewall, Shredder, and Wireless security features.

ARP Spoofing (Cache Poisoning) is a hacking technique when an attacker interferes local area network to eavesdrop or manipulate traffic. Public networks at airports, hotels, and cafes are especially vulnerable to this type of attacks. ARP Cache Poisoning Detector feature monitors untrusted networks to alert users about any suspicious activity (the feature is free for premium users, available for in-app purchase for Mac OS Lion or higher).

iBoostUp’s Firewall monitors your network security settings and provides security advice based on your current firewall setup. Checking your Wi-Fi connection is vital to eliminate privacy risks. Wireless Security tool alerts of potential threats and provides recommendations on security improvement.

As a rule, it is possible to recover deleted files using special applications. File Shredder feature allows removing selected data securely and makes them unretrievable.

  • System section contains App Uninstaller, Disk Usage, Startup Items, Crashes and more.

Uninstall unwanted apps with maximum effect by seeking and purging application related files with iBoostUp’s Application Uninstaller (the feature is free for premium users, available for in-app purchase for Mac OS Lion or higher).

Startup Items feature allows viewing the services and applications loaded on your Mac at startup. Optimize startup items to ensure faster loading and better performance of your device. The Crashes feature allows viewing the list of crashed apps to sort out stability problems and resolve performance issues.

effective system optimization

iBoostUp Reviews: What Users Say About The App?

Compared to Windows, macOS has fewer free solutions for safe and effective system optimization. The iBoostUp app has received numerous positive reviews from Mac users. So, what are the pros & cons of using iBoostUp?


  • Speed and Efficiency

Setting scan presets in iBoostUp is fast and easy. All it takes is to select the areas of interest, and the software will sort out all the rest. Unlike similar applications, iBoostUp doesn’t take long to complete necessary scans and data cleanups. Also, the app doesn’t turn up new issues upon completing two consecutive scans.

  • Alerts before data removal

In the process of running a system scan, iBoostUp alerts users prior to removing any potentially necessary data. For example, if you keep the default settings, the Downloads folder is included in the scan. In case you don’t want to delete files located in a specific folder, you can skip this stage without having to stop a scanning session.


  • Confusing interface

Both free and premium iBoostUp versions have a shared interface. For this reason, paid app features may be difficult to figure out. Users can find this somewhat confusing because it’s hard to understand which tools they have to pay for to use. Some of the features require payment before their launch while others charge you only upon running checks and scans. Having to pay for a certain function to finish the repair process can be a bit disappointing.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your Mac in working order is essential to ensure its maximum efficiency and performance. The iBoostUp app is one of the best free optimization solutions for macOS. Equipped with clean and intuitive features, this application is the number one choice for users of all experience levels. Having a confusing interface that mixes up free and paid features is somewhat of an app’s drawback. Compared to similar Mac apps, iBoostUp offers a vast array of functionality and handles optimization issues effectively.