Developers call Mac Adware Cleaner one of the best ways to safeguard an Apple computer. Adware, malware, viruses – all those things are a threat to your device. Some users just cannot abstain from visiting potentially harmful websites or, what is worse, downloading dangerous content from the Internet. That is how even tightly defended Macs get infected. Sure thing, Apple computers are less affected by various types of malware and adware, but the chances still exist. That is why some people start using Mac Adware Cleaner. Then, why would some people like to learn how to uninstall this app on their MacBook or Mac desktop?

What is Mac Adware Cleaner and Is It Safe to Use?

Mac Adware Cleaner is third-party software for Apple computers meant to protect the device from the potential adware and malware. It is a legit, legal application, which, however, does not meet all the expectations. It all begins once the user sees “Install Mac Adware Cleaner now to protect your Mac device from malware, adware and other security threats.” This message sounds kind of attractive to many Apple computer owners who are searching for the ways to safeguard their devices.

Even though Mac Adware Cleaner is not a virus itself, it may cause plenty of discomforts. Being one of those “Recommended Download” notifications itself, the software may provoke such pop-ups pretty often. Except for the important updates, Mac’s built-in modules do not push app in such an intrusive way. The messages initiated by Mac Adware Cleaner may include specific risks. Unless a user opens them, the computer is safe and free of malware. However, curious people may face certain problems. Of course, the probability your Mac will “die” of those offered harmful content is low, but you should watch out. It is better to get rid of the Mac Adware Cleaner if you have any doubts regarding its competence.

Is Mac Adware Cleaner a Virus?

Despite the irritating tendency to show an intrusive pop-up when a user is online, Mac Adware Cleaner cannot be called unsafe one. It is up to you whether to open those potential adware messages or delete the cleaner. After all, many third-party cleaning options are available on the market today, and most of them are far better than Mac Adware Cleaner.

As far as the cleaner appears in the shape of annoying pop up at first, one may conclude that it is a virus itself. However, that is just a smart way to sell a product created by its developers. It is not that it is completely useless – it may erase some of the unwanted files. It does not make the situation better as the pop-ups initiated by the cleaner will not go no matter what users do, and it can drive anyone mad.

Thus, it is impossible to call Mac Adware Cleaner a virus. It is rather another app from the category of potentially unwanted programs (a.k.a. PUPs). Once you download the suggested software, it is important to run a security analysis to check the condition of your computer. That is the best way to understand how harmful Mac Adware Cleaner is.

Mac Adware Cleaner Review: Basic Features and Drawbacks

Before moving to the main question of this article, look at the summary of its reviews on the Internet. Some of them are negative while others are highly promotional like “Mac Adware Cleaner is the best free maintenance and anti-malware tool for an Apple computer. You should try its latest version full of brand new features to ensure the safety of your device.” The question is whether it is at least half-truth.

According to the developer itself, the software aims high to guarantee online security to each Mac owner. It is a good defender, but it is far from perfect. The major functions are to clear:

  • Extensions;
  • Add-ons;
  • Cache files;
  • Cookies;
  • Temporary items;
  • Downloads;
  • Browsing history;
  • Sensitive information;
  • Privacy threads.

Thus, it is focused on providing browser’s cleaning as well as safe online activity. At the same time, the tool provokes the appearance of nasty pop-ups, so it is kind of self-contradictory. It also promises to hijack navigation.

One more goal is to prevent Mac from being vulnerable to identity theft. Finally, the developers promise boosted performance as the cleaner gets rid of the junk files associated with Internet activity. As these items eat up a lot of space, Mac Adware Cleaner may seem a really valuable innovation.

Mac Adware Cleaner

How to Delete Mac Adware Cleaner to Prevent Multiple Popups?

Are you having any troubles with the malware and adware on your Apple computer after installing Mac Adware Cleaner? Well, the best recommendation would be, “Do not click on any pop-ups on your Mac!” This computer has already everything necessary installed by default. If you do need extra options, download and set up apps from the official App Store or third-party developers’ websites you can trust. Otherwise, you may face the need to get rid of the stubborn software. Perhaps, you will need another cleaner with a built-in uninstaller to remove Mac Adware Cleaner completely.

So far, you realize that Mac Adware Cleaner pop-ups are triggered by the dubious app installed on your Apple computer without any permission and acknowledgment. The only way to prevent these numerous pop-ups is to delete the software on your Mac. Here is how you can do it:

  • Launch Activity Monitor from Utilities.
  • Search for the Advanced Mac Cleaner/Mac Adware Cleaner. It may arrive with two different names. By clicking on it, choose Quit Process.
  • A window will show up wondering if a user wishes to shut down the target app. Confirm by pressing the Force Quit button.
  • Pick Go and choose Applications.
  • Search for Advanced Mac Cleaner from the list. Click on the app’s icon with the right mouse-button and send it to Trash. Type admin’s login details if prompted.
  • Launch Apple menu now and pick System Preferences.
  • Move to the Accounts tab and pick Login Items. There, you should discover Mac Adware Cleaner. Select the minus button next to it.

In the end, make sure no suspicious entries have been installed on the preferred browser(s). Reset the settings of all browsers you apply.

The alternative is much faster, easier, and more accurate. Sooner or later, you may still need to choose a third-party cleaner. Never choose the one which pops up as adware. It is better to download one with good ratings from the App Store or official trusted third-party developer’s website.

Once you get another cleaning tool, launch its App Uninstaller option, and select Mac Adware Cleaner form the list. Command the cleaning app to erase the application completely. That is another great way to get rid all of the leftovers.