Mac is probably the safest computer on Earth. There are very few viruses that can actually hurt it anyhow. You should know that the one and only reason why your Mac can potentially break down is spilling water on it. Or crashing.

Anyway its safe enough to not let you worry about antiviruses or any other additional software. However, as any other device Mac slows down as years go by. Junk files and tones of needless artifacts (mostly from the web) decrease its performance. That’s why applications like MacKeeper have appeared.

Is MacKeeper Safe Enough?

MacKeeper is an old known player in the market of tools designed for keeping iMac, MacBook and other Apple devices clean and safe.

It is a fact that this app includes many useful features which potentially can help your computer. However, it is still a question whether to use it or not. For instance, Apple doesn’t recommend to use MacKeeper at all. At the same time years of experience have proved the app to be helpful enough.

Anyway, it’s up to you to decide. Below is one of reviews on MacKeeper. Hopefully, you’ll find it reasonable and use it as a background for your decision.

Pros and Cons of MacKeeper Security Software

  •         Pros: It is an all-in-one solution that allows keeping your Mac safe and clean by means of one app, from one and only place on your computer. Thus, you don’t need to install anything else for your Mac’s security.
  •         Cons: High price. Many needless functions (some of them are available for free among utilities of your Mac). Not recommended for use by the official product supplier.

MacKeeper Problems and Online Reputation

mac keeper reputation

You will find a lot of negative comments about MacKeeper on the Internet. Sure, some of them are true and based on real user opinions, since there is no application to satisfy everyone and all. However, some of them also have one or two different reasons. Think about them before judging to hard.

  1. The methods that MacKeeper uses to advertise the product are very aggressive. Its ads are everywhere popping up here and there. Very often it seems to be not an ad campaign but annoying spam invasion. And that’s why many users get mad about it and share negative experience dealing with MacKeeper.
  2. The app is known for being a victim of a dark PR campaign from its competitors sharing negative reviews for MacKeeper. It was a successful try to ruin MacKeeper’s name after which a wide range of online audience simply banned it as such.


MacKeeper includes 16 features in one easy to use application for computer safety. From one side it is great to have such a variety of options in one tool. However, not all of them are that handy.

Sure, data encryptor, file recovery, and anti-theft function are just what you need. As for the rest, usefulness is doubtful. An option known as MacKeeper cleaner as well as shredder, backup, and smart uninstaller are available as built-ins on Mac. The features like files finder, default apps, update tracker, and login items are not that impressive as they are told about.

Once again, it’s good when one app provides users with so many possibilities. But there are those that no one will neither need nor use ever.

  • Interface and Design

When it comes to Apple products, design is what you should pay attention first of all. Sure, performance forms your final opinion, but as it goes: ‘First you judge how nice, then you judge how wise’.

The design is great. MacKeeper did a really good job here. The teams managed to combine ease of use with outstanding appearance.

cleaning feature of mackeeperEverything is on the right place and well structured. Each tab provides you with a large variety of function choice. You can track statuses, tasks, and notifications with no need to deep into settings. Each category is built in a consistent manner.

Design and interface are where the app really stands out among others.

  • Performance  

Generally, performance of the app makes a user be happy. MacKeeper installation is smooth and doesn’t take much time. Though it’s a known peculiarity of Mac OS X software.

The app doesn’t weight to much. Especially considering that it includes as many as 16 functions. It doesn’t make your Mac get slower. It just runs somewhere in the background in a stealth mode and notifies you only when needed.

Everything seems good enough until you start comparing MacKeeper with other similar tools. For example, a free of charge app CCleaner as well as paid CleanMyMac and MacPro Cleaner showed much better results in scanning a computer for files that can be deleted.


MacKeeper is not what you should be afraid of. It won’t hurt your Mac anyhow. Neither will it provide a great help for it. It’s an ordinary tool with many functions that you probably will never use.

At the same time, it looks very good. It is very user friendly and easy to use. Let’s admit there are features that can be considered helpful. The only thing is that one can find the same features among Mac’s utilities without having to pay for them.