The MacBooster family of cleaning applications was started by the IObit company in 2013. Until recently, the most crowned version was MacBooster 4. As for today, we have MacBooster 6 that is said to reclaim even more disk space in the shortest period of time.

MacBooster 5

The utility is rather useful and has a very stylish interface. However, just as any other similar software, it has its advantages and disadvantages. This Mac Booster review observes the basic functions of the cleaning software in order to give Mac users a hint whether is it worth buying or not.

What Is MacBooster and Who Can Benefit from Using It?

MacBooster is a multifunctional maintenance software for Apple computers that initially comes free of charge. Purchasing the full version with all features unlocked requires a single-time payment of $39.95. If you try at least one of the app’s releases before the latest one, you will be able to purchase MacBooster 5 or 6 for just $10 – it’s a special offer for the loyal customers.

The app’s main task is to improve Mac performance. Of course, there are many free similar utilities. However, the majority of them are good enough or even safe. Hence, to get a reliable and secure Mac cleaning app, you will need to spend your hard-earned money. The question is, is MacBooster that good to be paid the requested sum.

The developer claims that MacBooster for Mac is a one-stop solution whenever you notice the lack of disk space on your Apple computer. The current version fits the needs of Sierra and High Sierra – the latest macOS releases. The software has a plenty of functions in contrast to many other free cleaning apps that sometimes lack even the elementary features.

In general, MacBooster aims to:

MacBooster system junk

  • Free up disk space on Mac’s native and external drives;
  • Guarantee real-time protection by fighting malware/viruses;
  • Delete different types of junk (from temporary files to duplicates) to reclaim more storage space;
  • Provide several useful utilities to keep your Apple device in a perfect shape.

In particular, as a cleaner, MacBooster deals with several types of items that eat up your Mac’s space. Those are large files, system junk, and various apps (the cleaner may serve as a powerful uninstaller). No third-party software will survive after you decide to delete it with MacBooster. It is possible to sort all the trash by several features so that it becomes apparent which files should be gone.

Is Macbooster Safe? What Kind of Security Measures Does It Offer?

It goes without saying that no Mac user is willing to install software without checking its security first. After all, Apple devices cost too much to let them get infected with some malware. Avoid getting into the trap of tricky developers by exploring the informative reviews and feedback from the real customers before downloading a free or purchasing a paid software. So, what can we say about MacBooster in this regard?

Well, based on the feedback obtained from the people who used this utility for a couple of years, MacBooster is 100% safe. The coast is clear. It means that you can install the cleaner without fearing it may contain some malicious features that could damage the system. IObit is a well-known, secure company.

When talking about MacBooster’s own security features, we should note that keeping Mac safe is one of its primary functions. The app assists in quickly eliminating all types of viruses and malware. Thus, MacBooster supports a high level of device’s security. In particular, it offers:

  1. Malware check to scan and delete all known types of viruses to defend your computer. Users may upload weird items and submit to the IObit company to find out what it’s all about.
  2. Real-time protection to discover malicious files, web pages, DNS, and other stuff like that. The app uses Mail Shield and Web Shield to guarantee a high level of safety.
  3. Privacy clean to delete privacy files such as browsing history and app traces. Your Safari or another preferred browser saves things like that, so it is necessary to get rid of them from time to time.

What If You Decide to Uninstall MacBooster? Easy!

MacBooster 6Some may say that macOS can take care of itself without any third-party cleaners. From one side, the system’s maintenance is a way better than Windows. However, often the users start filling their disk space so heavily they cannot figure out the situation independently later when the system gets fed up. Still, if you have any issues with MacBooster that you don’t like, it’s not a problem to erase this cleaner from your Mac completely.

Why would you do that? It looks like the software has too many advantages. However, it might be annoying to see the “Empty Trash” warning each time you drag an item to the Trash. Second, the user has to state the reason for deleting the particular file and other actions associated with the usage of MacBooster.



remove MacBoosterThus, if you wish to remove the cleaner from your system once and forever or for a while, you should do the following (on the example of MacBooster 6):

  1. Launch MacBooster and choose “Help” on the menu. It has “Uninstall MacBooster” option.
  2. A dialog box you will see next will ask for your confirmation. Pick the “Yes” button to eliminate the application from your system.
  3. That is how you can easily remove MacBooster! No signs of it will be left on your computer.

Overall, MacBooster is a fine-crafted cleaning app that will save you a lot of time and effort when you need to get rid of system junk and speed up your Apple computer.