With so many cleaning applications for Mac computers out there, many users wonder which of them are worth trying. Thankfully, almost every third-party software offers a trial version, which is, of course, free of charge. One of such cleaners is MacCleanse – a product of long-lasting research and development. The developers promise to check the nooks and crannies of your Mac for useless items that consume a great amount of space and RAM.

Some people question the necessity of Mac cleaners as the operating system is smart enough to take care of itself. Well, at least, Apple computers cope with the free space issues much more effective than Windows-based PCs. However, a Mac owner should still be aware of the basic techniques used to keep an Apple device speedy and productive. The effect will be much better when you know when and how to help your Mac deal with various issues. That said, you can send specific commands to the system or just leave the “dirty” job of taking out garbage to apps like MacCleanse.

You can guess from the title of this software that it cleans up your Mac by deleting the junk items of various types. It offers a simple interface, which makes it rather user-friendly.

Due to a lot of similar tools available online, one may doubt the efficiency and usefulness of MacCleanse. However, all the cleaners have different features. Perhaps, MacCleanse has something to offer you. In case you are looking for the free software, you should check the app’s competitors that come free of charge, but be ready that, unlike paid tools, they may lack some helpful options. The best way to choose any third-party software is by exploring the ratings and user reviews.

This review focuses on the latest version of MacCleanse, which is 6.0.6. You may try previous versions (MacCleanse 3, MacCleanse 4, and MacCleanse 5) as well.

maccleanse review

Koingo MacCleanse: Features & Benefits

The first question, which bothers many Mac owners is whether it is safe to use special cleaning apps. It depends on the developer and software itself. As for MacCleanse, most of the feedbacks claim it is completely safe even though it has its gaps just like any other third-party applications. It does not seem that any malware or adware arrives with this software. MacCleanse is not only safe but protects the privacy of a target Apple computer: the developers swear they enhanced the security of the complicated industry algorithms. A Mac owner may use this application to ensure the information he or she keeps is protected from deletion during the process of cleaning.

With the most recently released version of MacCleanse, a user may enjoy the brand new features and functions:

  • Quick Look cache removal;
  • Unfiled logging on macOS High Sierra cleaning;
  • Adobe Font Caches;
  • Darwin user cache removal.

Also, compared to its previous versions, MacCleanse 6 does not leave launch agent items behind when deactivated. You can notice that chat histories have been removed from the “safe” cleanup. The developers fixed multiple threads associated with stalls and crashes. As for the requirements, a Mac owner will need Intel with the 64-bit processor as well as OS X 10.10 or up.

On the whole, MacCleanse provides the following advantages:

  • Close to 50 various maintenance instruments;
  • Comprehensive info about every item;
  • Advanced clearing features for torrent software, IM tools, and the rest of third-party applications;
  • The removal of log files, cookies, and caches.

A Few Words about Built-in Uninstaller

This third-party cleaner has a built-in app uninstaller to save a day of users who try to get rid of the specific application on Mac. As you may know, third-party software may leave plenty of junk on your computer. Experts call those items leftovers. Some users prefer calling them orphans, which also makes sense. If too much of them remain on the hard drive, it may slow down the machine’s performance. Unfortunately, not all applications arrive with the built-in uninstallers. It makes them leave some signs after the deletion as simply dragging the software to the Trash is never enough. In particular, MacCleanse promises to remove such types of leftovers as:

  • Logs;
  • Caches;
  • Plugins;
  • Cookies;
  • Other related items.

Enhancing the performance of your Mac by wiping the hard drive as well as web and app histories is a good idea. Besides, MacCleanse helps to toggle resource-hungry extensions.

MacCleanse Download and Usage

A user may find MacCleanse available for download or purchase on the official website of Koingo Software as well as some websites that offer third-party solutions for Macs. Koingo Software is not the best team of developers on the market, but their cleaning tools work quite smoothly and effectively. They are secure unlike some other third-party apps of this type.

Once you download and install the app, it will launch with a free view. You will see apps on the left and the detailed information on the right of the screen. If you would like to see all files and folders to delete, expand MacCleanse. Pick the file to observe. It is important to view the scanning results before agreeing to erase all the offered files as even a smart app can make a mistake. For instance, it may define a file you really need as a duplicate because of the same name shared with another item.

Once you are done observing the scanning results, pick the Cleanse button to get rid of the selected garbage. The application wipes the hard drive quite effectively. Do not forget to select a preferred deletion type as MacCleanse offers several modes. Choose whether you want a quick and easy erasure or military-grade elimination of all trash.

Gaps in the Work of MacCleanse

Without a peep, we can name a couple of disadvantages. The greatest pitfall some users face after purchasing this software is that it stops working without a good reason on some Macs. Moreover, the application is basically paid as it offers nothing special in its 15-day free trial. It is possible to find the software with the same junk detection system and removal options without paying a cent. Thus, you should think twice before investing in MacCleanse. Still, you may like some of the advanced features of the latest version.

What about some other gaps? Well, the description panel is not necessary at all. While some users call MacCleanse’s interface user-friendly, others believe it is a bit counterintuitive.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether you wish to try out this tool to clean your hard drive and improve Mac’s overall performance.