In this article, we did everything possible to come up with a fair, unbiased review of the cleaning tool for apple computers called MacShiny. As you may guess from its name, the app is meant for a comprehensive macOS cleanup, which, eventually, should improve computer’s overall performance and system stability.

MacShiny Malware Protection and Other App’s Features

Let’s move to the point. MacShiny is a third-party software developed to clean Apple computers and make them run smoothly. It is an all-inclusive app, which is also able to protect one’s Mac from the potential malware or even online-based virus. Though, the main function of MacShiny is deleting junk data and uninstalling applications.

It makes no wonder that Mac owners often download and leave things they do not actually need. That is where the useless plugins, apps, duplicates, and the rest of the garbage come from. MacShiny can help get rid of those in an automatic mode. Finally, to enhance the security, MacShiny activates Firewall to deal with detected dangerous Internet content. At least, that’s what the app’s developers promise.

MacShiny claims to upgrade the operating system to the latest version automatically. It’s just one more benefit every user gets. Here is the list of the app’s options:

  • Junk files detector (the app scans System Log Files, Cache, and more to find every single piece of junk);
  • Useless apps uninstaller;
  • Large/outdated files recognizer;
  • Trash cleaner (includes a special Trash Cleanup tool);
  • Duplicates Finder;
  • Extensions manager;
  • Quick problem fixer;
  • Updater tool (automatically upgrades software and operating system);
  • Security scanner and protector (make your computer safe from spyware, loss of information, and theft).

Besides, MacShiny erases private or sensitive data securily, without leaving a trace. However, the app does not offer something other cleaning tools do not do. Despite all the negative comments, the software is not malicious and does not harm Mac. Though, it may just function not the way a user expected and annoy you with constantly appearing MacShiny pop up with advertising.

Another pitfall of the app is that MacShiny may scare you by exaggerating the volume of discovered junk and threats in order to make you buy the paid version. On Apple Discussions forum, many users complain that no matter how clean your computer is, the application will most probably show plenty of ‘garbage.’

That is why the day when you decide to get rid of it may come. Luckily, the uninstallation does not cause much trouble, too.

MacShiny for Mac

How to Uninstall MacShiny Safely and Entirely?

If you are one of those Mac owners who believe that MacShiny is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), and there are better choices available on the cleaning/antivirus market, learn how to remove MacShiny from your Apple computer. If you notice any additional malware parasites after the software’s installation, it is definitely better to delete the app ASAP.

  1. Launch Finder.
  2. Move to the Applications folder.
  3. Locate the MacShiny app icon.
  4. Drag the icon to Trash and confirm the removal.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Empty Trash afterward.

This will remove the main MacShiny data from your Mac. Though, some leftover files may remain in the system. To get rid of them, do this:

  1. Launch Finder once again.
  2. Choose Go to Folder… from Finder menu.
  3. Enter /var/db/ and press Go.
  4. In the opened directory, find any folders and files that contain ‘macshiny’ or ‘cyan’ in their name.
  5. Pick such files and throw them in

This should be enough to eliminate 99% of MacShiny traces in your system. If you want to go for 100%, try the auto-removal feature of another reliable cleaning application. Download and set up trustworthy third-party cleaner of your choice. Then, run a built-in uninstaller to remove MacShiny and all associated elements. Do not forget to Empty Trash after you’re done.

What about Mac Shiny Pricing Policy?

We recommend testing a free trial version before investing real money in MacShiny. This will help to avoid unpleasant feelings if you are disappointed in a week or two of the app’s use. The thing is, MacShiny has a subscription-based plans, which over time can cost you a small fortune:

  • The 6-months Standard Plan goes for $11.95 monthly (for a total of $71.70);
  • The 12-months Ultimate Plan is $8.95 monthly (for a total of $107.40);
  • The 24-months Deluxe Plan is $5.95 per month (for a total of $142.80).

Such prices may make any user think twice about the necessity of this app on a Mac.

To sum up:

MacShiny Pros

  • Built-in Uninstaller and Security modules.
  • Nice and straightforward design.

MacShiny Cons

  • Annoying ads and pop-ups are included.
  • Many trustworthy websites and anti-virus solutions deem MacShiny as a malware app.
  • High prices for the offered quality and features.

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