OnyX app is a popular freeware for Mac maintenance and optimization. In fact, it is a versatile set of utilities to clear caches, clean hard drive, repair permissions and preference files (if they are corrupted), and do many other things that you may (or may not) want to do. Let’s look closer into OnyX’s rich functionality together with pros and cons of using it.

OnyX Mac Cleaner

I shall start this OnyX Mac review with the most popular feature for most users, i.e. the cleaning of your disk and OS. For many users, this is a sought for and at the same time dreaded thing. We all want our system to be zippy and our disks to have plenty of space. However, we also heard those horror stories about crucial system files and entire media libraries being “cleaned” away.

However, this feature is supposed to delete only caches and log files. As you may already know, they sometimes became too large or corrupted thus slowing down your Mac and causing annoying problems (such as SPOD). This app is your little helper, it runs in the background and silently restores the way things should be.

Clearing Core files, Temporary files, Recent files caches, and other things OnyX may offer you to delete may be either useless or partially useful – mainly if you are experiencing disk space shortage or trying to protect your privacy – but that’s about it. If you are using it right, OnyX will not delete anything you may need. Anyway, it never hurts to double-check before hitting “Execute”.

OnyX: one Tool to have it all

Some users argue that Macs clean themselves and do not need to download any maintenance apps since the advent of OS X that takes care of itself. Experienced users, however, say this claim is debatable at the very least. However, all agree that OnyX’s usefulness is not limited to cleaning and maintenance. It is a great tool for troubleshooting and customization.

If you like tweaking this and that and you want absolutely personalized experience with you Mac, OnyX has a great deal to offer you. If you feel that something is off with the startup process or the work of your Mac, OnyX is your software of choice as well.

Now, down to more details on how to speed up your machine with the help of OnyX Mac software.

Where to start

First, you should go to OnyX developer’s official site and download the suit. Make sure you get it from the Titanium software official website and not some third-party sites. This is important for several reasons:

  • There are specific variations of OnyX for each particular version of OS. You must be absolutely sure you download the version that corresponds with your current OS, otherwise it may not work correctly.
  • Third-party websites may use the name of an app that is trusted by many fans to distribute malware that will harm your system and compromise your security.

When your OS gets an update, do not worry – just go to the Titanium website and get the newer version of OnyX. The app is free and does not take a lot of space, so you will not have any problems with that.

image of onyx website

On the website, you may choose to install the complete application (OnyX) or its parts (Maintenance and Deeper). Although Maintenance seems self-explanatory, while Deeper is more obscure, there is nothing complicated about them. You will find out from the description that they both correspond to OnyX’s main panes. Maintenance is similar to OnyX Automation pane, while Deeper is a double of OnyX Parameters pane and its primary function is to tweak apps on your Mac and personalize your experience with them.

Whichever you choose, you will get a user-friendly interface and helpful explanation files attached to every page within it. I’ll continue this guide describing the full pack.

Most probably, you will not be able to run OnyX right away. Instead, you will see an OS X warning saying that the app cannot be opened because it comes from an unidentified developer. Do not be alarmed – the system always does this with all apps if developers had not submitted them for Apple approval. OnyX is a trusted app that many Mac users love and find helpful.

opening onyxTo circumvent this restriction, go to the Apple menu, select System Preferences, then click on the Security & Privacy icon, and hit the Open Anyway button. Your app will be open and you will be able to proceed.

Alternatively, you may just right-click the OnyX icon. Then, a dialogue window will pop up, this time offering you two options: Open and Cancel. Hit the Open button, thus permanently allowing the app to run on your Mac. This action will not affect security settings for other apps.

Before you start using OnyX, it will ask you to verify the structure of your startup disk. Don’t worry, this is a one-off, and later the app won’t bother you with this anymore.

When this is done, you will access the main menu, which contains buttons corresponding to all the main functions of the app: Maintenance, Cleaning, Automation, Utilities, Parameters, Info, and Logs.

onyx main menu

The great thing about OnyX is that it is highly automated and despite the multitude of choices you will see in its window, you will only need to use one button. The app already comes with some options flagged and some left out. If you hesitate, just leave it as it is, because the settings are safe by default.

After OnyX has done its job, it will offer you to restart your Mac. That’s all. You will see the result right away, as the system will load much faster after the restart (that is if you had problems before).

You may want to explore the functionality further and look into each of the tabs – the app gives you this power, but be careful messing with the settings. When in doubt how and whether to use a particular option, better hold it until you know more about it. Stick to the basic functions and gradually learn all the features.

internet cleaning by onyx

Bottom line

OnyX app for Mac is an advanced application that is recommended to clean and fine-tune your system if you know what you are doing. This great multifunctional tool gives experienced users the full control over the maintenance process. However, if you are not quite there yet, you should use this suit of utilities with caution and leave the default settings. Overall, I would compare it with a toolbox full of professional instruments that are only as good as the users themselves.

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