Every device has its exploitation period. Unfortunately, even Apple products may become stagnant when being treated the wrong way. Just like a living person or pet, Macs require love and care. Taking into account that Apple products are not the cheapest option on the market, it makes no wonder that most of the users would like to justify the expense of purchasing a new Mac. Most Apple users prefer updating their older machines as new versions of the operating systems help to prevent many problems and obstacles on the way to perfect performance. For instance, the latest versions of macOS solve problems caused by the full disk space faster and more efficiently.

The best thing is that it is not necessary to fork out for a new machine even if your current Mac turns into a snail. Today’s software solutions make it possible to prolong the exploitation period of any Apple device. Moreover, to enhance the performance of your favorite computer or laptop, you don’t have to be an expert in programming.

The major reason for your Mac’s dropped performance is a full disk. However, you should also mind some of the common causes of failure such as the incompatibility of your macOS with the specific applications. You should either search for analogies or upgrade your device. The last option is highly recommended I you want to benefit from the improvements offered by the latest OS such as High Sierra. Another reason for the significant decrease in the speed of work is the background workings that have turned muddled. For instance, the permissions may be broken.

Top Reasons for Your Mac Is Not Fast & Furious Anymore

A filled disk requires much more time to respond, load, and show items. It usually happens due to the several reasons.

First and for most, the outdated files that you forget to delete still occupy plenty of hard drive space. The worst thing is that Mac users usually possess tons of huge files like movies and games. Several folders overflowed with gigabytes of photos from vacations and other events are also an excess baggage.

Another reason for the hard drive to be fed up is the files’ duplication. Duplicate files may appear as a result of many silly mistakes such as wrong grammar in the file’s name or a series of the similar files on one topic. You can have the duplicates of audio, video, and image files. Thus, if there are some videos you don’t need anymore, make it double, and you’ll get why your device is so exhausted. Perhaps, duplicates are the worst things as most of them are hiding everywhere on your disk. The last section of this article explains how to detect and eliminate duplicates as well as other junk easily.

Stuff like temporary files and caches also make your machine slow down significantly. If you forget to clean your browser on a regular basis, your computer gets full of the Internet trash, and you definitely don’t need it.

Naturally, it’s not a complete list of the reasons why your Mac stops being fast and furious, but the above-mentioned are the major ones. Next, we are going to discuss how to solve the performance speed issues by examining some of the most popular methods.

4 Great Ideas to Improve Your Mac’s Performance

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The first idea which comes to the mind of many users is to delete useless items on Mac. The ancient folders are as dead as the Ancient Egypt civilization; it makes no sense to keep them on your computer any longer.

Categorize files and folders by size and date of creation to see what’s too old and cold. Antique and large files form the most useless share of your hard drive space. To solve the problem, a user may want to move part of the data to cloud storages and external hard drive disks.

Cleaning system cache is another good idea. You may not even have a clue, but the majority of the user’s actions are saved in system logs and cache files. They increase with every new day passing by. They will not disappear on their own – your response is required!

  • To discover this type of files, move the following destination: Finder > Go > Go to Folder;
  • Type in ~/Library/Caches;
  • Grab them all to trash!

Also, eliminate as many browser extensions as you can or just deactivate them in order to make your system work faster. The browser may keep crashing all of a sudden or start functioning slower as long as there is an extension creating a specific overload. In fact, all those add-ons always make the system sluggish.

It is simple: delete the add-ons that make no sense. Launch the preferred browser and remove everything not in use.

  1. Safari admirers should launch the major menu and press Safari extensions.
  2. Chrome followers must go to the menu and choose Settings. Pick the extensions tab.
  3. Mozilla Firefox users should pick Tools and select Add-ons.

Cleaning up RAM is the fourth great idea. Simply quit the running applications that you do not right now. Relaunch the remaining software. Never keep a dozen of apps launched at the same time!

The good news is that there are tons of specialized free and paid apps out there that can help you to deal with all these issues in one place. Whether you need a universal application to run system’s spring cleaning or, say, special software to speed up video on Mac – you surely will find it on the AppStore or Mac-related websites.

Which Software Can Help to Speed up My Mac?

When one mentions “speed up Mac-associated software,” he or she usually means tools like cleaning utilities or performance boosters that you can download throughout the Internet. Many of them are said to make the Apple computer fly instead of crawl.

It is hard to name the best software to speed up Mac in 2017 as there are several great options. However, it is easy to list the features of the perfect cleaning tool:

  1. Cleans up the entire macOS in a few minutes or even seconds (depending on the volumes and the scanning depth);
  2. Removes cache and temporary files safely and securely;
  3. Has a wide range of optimization and customization options;
  4. Allows uninstalling and resetting software, leaving no remnant files.

In case you feel like there is no time to waste on doing the spring cleaning manually, the third-party app is the best option. Try to choose a proactive tool to alert you before the computer turns slow and faces the system threats.