Online video is massively booming today. Everyone uses it – for entertainment, communication, viewing news, studying, streaming, advertising, work, etc. Simply put, almost for everything you can think of when it comes to whatever you do on the Internet. That’s why it is incredibly frustrating when video on your Mac starts lagging, interrupting while playback or draining system resources so that other things just won’t work properly.

In this piece, we’re going to talk about the unexpected move that can help improve your Mac’s performance from the perspective of online video slowing the machine down. Along the way, you’ll find out (or just remind yourself) how to online video playback in various players as well as speed up QuickTime and Flash on Mac. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy any video to your liking without irritating lags.

We just would like you to do couple simple things before we get directly to the matter of the article. First, run bandwidth speed test to see if it’s good enough to cope with the load online video produces. Second, check hardware – especially hard drive and fans – to exclude problems with it. If you’ve discovered issues with these elements, deal with them immediately – it’ll save you a lot of time and zillion nerves.

OK, ready, set, go!

Update Browsers to Ensure HTML5 Support

For quite some time now, browsers for Mac support HTML5 and prefer it to Flash. Among other things, this newer technology allows to process video faster and using fewer system resources. Hence, utilizing HTML5 will let your MacOS fly instead of struggling with performance issues because of the video. So, update all browsers on your Mac to make sure you have the latest versions that are good with HTML5.

speeding up quicktime

In case you have to use Flash for some purposes, update it too. If outdated, it takes up lots of resources – especially, CPU – and may cause the system to slow down. After the update, you hopefully will be able to bid farewell to lags related to online video and considerably speed up YouTube and other online videos on your Mac.

Disable Ads in Browser

Nowadays, advertising on the Internet uses various techniques and technologies that involve rich media. Regarding video, we can point out pre-roll ads that run before the record you wish to watch and pop-up videos on websites. Apart from being annoying, these ads draw off system resources and can cause the online video to download and play slowly. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to deal with them. Just make use of blocking services and plugins like AdBlock or AdGuard.

Free up RAM

When video streams, you are not actually watching it online. You know that, right? Before you can view it, the data from the Internet needs to be saved somewhere. Using the hard drive for that is not an option as it would take much time; plus, it would simply be downloading video, not streaming it. So, the data is saved to Random Access Memory – RAM. More free RAM you have, faster the video will be processed, and less the possibility of any lags is.

Hence, go to your Mac’s Activity Monitor and kill apps you are not using at the moment. If you don’t like the idea of nipping into the Activity Monitor manually, you can opt to use one of a great many memory cleaning apps out there. They will do all the work for you freeing as much RAM as possible letting the whole system work faster.

Clean Browser Cache

quicken video on mac

We advise to perform this operation regularly and no matter whether you have issues with video but without too much superstition. Usually, you can clean browser cache from their Preferences/Settings menu. Besides getting rid of corrupt and old cache files, which can cause slow video playback, you’ll wipe out the unnecessary system junk.

Repair Disk Permissions

Possible issues with hard drive do not directly influence online video streaming process, but ensuring everything works correctly definitely would not hurt. So open Disk Utility (…/Applications/Utilities), choose the drive you wish to check for errors (usually, it is a startup one), and press ‘Verify’. In case the Utility detected mistakes, you’ll need to repair them – and you’re all set!

That’s How to Speed up Video Streaming on Mac!

We hope that armed with 5 useful tips mentioned above, you will be able to improve your Mac’s performance by dealing with any “slow video” issue. Enjoy your favorite YouTube and iTunes videos without lags and flaws as well as general MacOS speed!