If you are seeking a proficient and reliable computer for business and personal projects, opt for Apple Mac computers. On par with top-notch design, Macs are good at keeping themselves serviced and updated running automated maintenance scripts. Like every machine, Macs need human attention to run smoothly. Over time, a Mac can start lagging due to various junk accumulated on its hard disk, system errors, overcrowded login items, etc.

The typical issue faced by Mac users is lack of storage space. Is there a way to deal with this problem? The market is replete with a plethora of apps for Mac cleaning and optimization. All-in-one solutions are quite popular among users owing to their diverse functionality. Stellar Phoenix Speed Up Mac is one of the comprehensive solutions advertised online. This application can discover and remove the unused large files, residual data, system junk, cache, old apps, etc.

Stellar Speed Up Mac Tool: Functionality Roundup

Mac users can download Stellar Speedup Mac free of charge. However, a free demo version only lets users evaluate the features, but not use them. To be able to optimize and clean up your Mac’s hard drive, purchase the premium version of the application. Speed up Mac Platinum Edition has two premium options:

  • SOHO at $49 with a single-user lifetime license;
  • TECHNICIAN at $199 with a multiple-user lifetime

As you see, the premium version is costly and offers limited choice. Users can find less expensive apps with a similar functionality range.

As a comprehensive solution, Speedup Mac tool offers a variety of maintenance activities for your Mac. The application shows excellent performance on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and up including OS X El Capitan. With its help, you can clear out, defrag, fix, and monitor the state of your hard drive. In-depth app uninstallation comes with the package!

Now, let’s review the app’s main features:

  • Performance Boost

Speedup Mac scans your Mac’s SSD or HDD and deletes caches and log files, trash, language files, universal binaries, and residual data. Use this app to keep your login items list clean to ensure a fast Mac startup.

  • Widget and Application Removal

Mac users often face a problem with application uninstallation and residual data removal. An inbuilt Uninstaller tool can locate and delete applications, widgets, and plugins that are hard to uninstall. It is possible to perform targeted application removal using the drag & drop feature.

  • Disk Error Repair

The Volume Optimizer tool fixes wrong permissions on your Mac’s startup disk. It can correct the directory structure errors and completely rebuild your Mac’s hard drive as well as external drives.

  • File Duplicates Removal

The Smart Finder utility can help users discover all file doubles and massive files stored on their Mac’s hard drive. The Smart Finder tool puts together a list of all unnecessary files and file duplicates, to remove them fast and easy. It is a great feature for managing your hard disk storage space.

  • Secure Wipe

Users can securely erase Folders, Drives, and System History using the in-built Wipe tool. It is possible to wipe external drives, as well as USB, SD Cards, etc. Once wiped, the information becomes unrecoverable even with special third-party data recovery software.

  • Hard Drive Monitoring

The Drive Monitor tool allows monitoring the S.M.A.R.T. status, temperature, and performance of your hard drive. Using the ‘Surface Scan’ feature can help to discover bad hard disk sectors. Moreover, you can make a complete backup of your startup disk using the ‘Backup’ feature.

  • Hard Drive Defragmentation

The Defrag Drive utility helps to defrag Mac’s Intel hard disk drive. It is possible to change startup disk fragmentation setting on a Mac, defrag separate partitions and external drives. Disk defragmentation can significantly improve the hard drive performance.

How to Use Stellar Phoenix Speedup Mac?

stellar speedup

Premium version of Speedup Mac Software offers a selection of functionality to meet typical user demands. The application has a handy interface for both experienced Mac users and noobs. To make the first startup easy for inexperienced users, web developers have included a huge ‘Speedup Now’ button into the application’s start screen. As soon as the system initialization is complete, users have several scanning options to go for.

It is possible to run a ‘Custom scan’ by selecting the volumes to scan manually. However, you can use the ‘Recommended scan’ option with default settings to search through the mounted volumes. Later on, users can remove backup volumes, and single purpose drives from the scan. Running a scan is easy, however, takes plenty of time. As a result, you get a total summary of the ‘dead weight’ located on your Mac. Users can double-check the files manually before removal and clean up to 50% more items using the premium version only.

Recommended scan

Mac users must not delete all the suggested files and folders straight away. Double-checking the results will prevent from purging the important files and apps, which can cause severe system damage.

Stellar Uninstaller

It is possible to remove the redundant applications, widgets, and plug-ins using the ‘Uninstaller’ functionality. The ‘Quick Look’ option allows previewing specific files before uninstalling them. With the ‘Filter Setting’ option, you can create filters to include or exclude certain types of applications and files. Feel free to purge junk files from the external drive, USB, or SD card every time it’s connected to your Mac. Once you have checked all the discovered data, click the ‘SpeedUp Now’ button to delete the files.

·       Rich functionality;

·       Compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac;

·       Powerful algorithms that allow selective cleaning;

·       Cleaning of both internal and external drives is possible;

·       Intuitive user interface;

·       Customizable scanning options.

·       Expensive premium subscription;

·       Not compatible with the latest macOS versions, only up to Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan;

·       Long scanning time;

·       Needs user involvement to double-check scan results.

In Conclusion

Stellar SpeedUp Mac copes with the task of Mac cleaning and optimisation. Thanks to the use of powerful algorithms, the Speedup Mac app can clean up your Mac selectively. The app doesn’t support macOS Sierra and High Sierra, but users of earlier Mac OS versions can try it for their devices. Despite having extensive functionality, the app requires user involvement. High price range is one of the main drawbacks of this application. It is possible to find less expensive solutions that cope with Mac cleaning and maintenance more effectively.