The most popular web browser by today is, perhaps, Google Chrome. Even Mac owners use it massively although the recommended browser for Apple computers is Safari. Chromium is the open-source browser, the skeleton, on which Chrome was build later. It is a legal browser, so it is not a malware or virus.

Basically, Chromium is Chrome without many features – useful and not. For example, it doesn’t support H.264, MP3, Flash, etc. On the other hand, you can use extensions that are not hosted in Chrome Web Store (which is not possible in Chrome). Overall, Chromium is lite and fast but lacks functionality and is not very comfortable for a typical user in terms of everyday web browsing. So, it’s not uncommon when people opt to uninstall Chromium when they realize that it’s not what they actually need.

Is Chromium Browser Safe? Myths and Facts

In the worst-case scenario, the situation described above may lead to some users treat Chromium as a malware. But is this browser really dangerous to your Mac?

The answer is no – if we talk about the original Chromium.

The danger is you might be dealing with a “fake” Chromium. Some developers create ad-supported spyware-class tools to generate pay-per-click revenue. At the same time, those who use such models suffer from the ongoing malware, numerous viruses, annoying pop-ups, etc.

If you believe that this browser is a threat to your Mac, or you just find it inconvenient to use, you should not keep it. Read this mini-guide to learn how to entirely uninstall Chromium on Mac.

Uninstall Chromium app

Prevent Risky Chromium Browser Modifications

Watch out! Any click on the suspicious link offered by Chromium may lead to the adverse consequences. It is better to store the downloads before launching them if you decide to leave Chromium on the Apple computer at least for some time. That is how one will allow the installed antiviruses to check whether the file is threatening or safe.

It is better to change settings in app installers as Default/Standard/Basic/Recommended settings are created for the developer’s advantage. In case the developer of the installed application cooperates with developers of ad-supported software, this one will use its opportunities and supplement the installation settings with pre-chosen user’s agreements to set up recommended third-party tools.

If you wish to refuse the bundled apps, go to Custom/Advanced settings. Get rid of the checkmarks near the offered extra options.

How to Get Rid of Chromium Single-handedly?

The main reason to delete Chromium on Mac is that it is not that convenient to use for everyday browsing activities. Just read the instructions below to uninstall the no-more-needed app.

An easy start is the key to success, so observe the shortest method, which works for the recent versions of macOS. (Users, who tried it, claim this approach is okay for the old versions of the operating system as well.)

Off you go, do not forget to stop all the related processes and quit the main application. Otherwise, the recommendations won’t work.

  • Move to the folder where the Chromium app file is located. Pick its icon and throw into the Trash. In case there are any aliases for that browser, toss them away as well.
  • In order to get rid of the browser’s user data and settings (e.g., history and cache files), move to Macintosh HD. There you should choose UsersàHome folderàLibraryàApplication Supportà There, drag-and-drop Chromium into the Trash.

Now, what if Chromium won’t uninstall completely? It makes sense as almost no third-party application ever uninstalls without leaving any associated files if a user simply moves it to the Trash bin. Even once you choose Empty Trash, the leftovers are still in place.

Eliminate Chromium without Leaving It a Chance

Do not relax after placing Chromium into the Trash and emptying it. You still have some work to do (of course, if you do not need the associated files and processes to stay on your computer and consume resources).

The leftovers like cache, browsing history, and cookies might be a thorn in the eye. To get rid of the service files, it is necessary to take the offered steps:

  • Launch Finder. Move to the Menu Bar to pick Go there. Choose Go to Folder.
  • Enter ~/Library and push the Go button.
  • Scan the given subfolders to detect any associated items and remove them successfully:

~Library/Application Support/Chromium



Chromium items

In fact, it is critical to check those directories every time you decide to delete any third-party application on Mac.

If you are too tired and busy to take care of Chromium manually, speed up the process by downloading and installing a third-party cleaner for Mac. Download an app of your choice from the App Store or official developer’s website to avoid malware, ads, and viruses.

Most of the cleaning applications possess a feature titled something like App Uninstaller (or simply Uninstaller). This one is inserted to take care of the unwanted software of any type. Once you Empty Trash with the Chromium basic file in there, launch the cleaner of your preference. Choose an option called something like Scan This Mac. you may command to find any files associated with the app of your interest. The simpler way is to select Uninstaller and command it to erase Chromium in full. The process will take up not more than several minutes. Now you can rest assured no unwanted Chromium-related data stays on the computer!