Google Drive (originally, came both as an online service and an app for Mac OS) is a cloud storage solution manifold benefits of which are almost unrivaled. An excellent combination of features and a measured pricing strategy has made the cloud offering one of the most popular services on the market. When compared to Apple’s iCloud that comes with only 5GB of free storage space, it is clear that Google Drive with 15GB of free storage has a considerable competitive edge that cannot be ignored. Premium subscription services, which come at as little as $1.99 per 100 GB or as much as $299.99 per 30 TB, are extremely attractive for individual users and organizations alike.

Those who have lost important data due to a power outage can attest to the fact that safety is not an irrevocable condition. Rather, it is a temporary state of being protected from recognized and non-desirable hazards, which is attained through the exertion of effort. When it comes to data safety, there is no better way to safeguard important files against loss than to use Google Drive for backup, which is, frankly, not that much of an effort.

Unfortunately, the convenient and sleek Google Drive app has been discarded by the company. Therefore, individual app users are steered toward Backup and Sync desktop app; business users are encouraged to install Drive File Stream app on their Mac OS X or macOS. That being said, the cloud service isn’t going away. The new apps have been designed to take the place of Google Drive and offer a more integrated approach to data backup.

Since the app has been relegated to the sidelines and you will no longer need it, it’s time to remove Google Drive from your Mac. Read on to find out how it can be done.

How to Remove Google Drive from Menu Bar

If you’ve switched to Backup and Sync or another online storage service, it is necessary to remove Google Driver from your Mac. For one thing, you won’t need the app anymore, for another, it will consume your disk space, thereby leaving less room for useful software. Start the uninstallation process by removing Google Drive from the menu bar. There is a rule of thumb regarding menu bar icons: the fewer icons, the better. After using a Mac for some time, its menu bar becomes cluttered to the point of complete disarrangement. Unlike first-party icons, Google Drive icon cannot be removed in one swift motion. To get rid of it, you have to do the following:

  1. Launch Google Drive and go the Preferences
  2. Click on the Advanced tab;
  3. Uncheck the box next to the Start Google Drive automatically option;
  4. Quit the app.

This should prevent the app from showing up in your menu bar.

The Proper Way of Saying Goodbye to Google Drive

Once you’ve decided to part ways with Google Drive for good, it is necessary to ensure that you do it correctly. Improper termination of the relationship with the app can result in deflated tires and a furious note on your car. I’m just joking, but if Google Drive is not properly uninvited from the computer, it will leave a heap of support files, preference lists, and other digital detritus that slows down the performance of the Mac. At the risk of making an exceptionally obvious point, I hasten to state that Google Drive is not an app that can be simply dragged to the Trash. If you try to do so, you will see a message like this:

google drive trash

The notification suggests that the app cannot be deleted because it is still tied to a Google account. To disconnect the account:

  1. Launch Google Drive;
  2. Go to the Google Drive menu and click on the Preferences pane;
  3. Proceed to the Account settings;
  4. Click the Disconnect Account button;
  5. Confirm the action by clicking the Apply button.
    After untying the app from the account quit it by selecting the Quit Google Drive option in the menu. Then, go the Activity Monitor and stop all processes associated with Google Drive. Now, the app can be dragged to the Trash as usual. However, you might be asked to enter your administrator’s password and login to do so.I’ve already mentioned that Google Drive leaves behind mincemeat of preference and support files that clog your disk. To get rid of them, you have to either manually comb through the drive and remove the orphaned files one-by-one or use a professional cleaning utility. I recommend the latter approach because it reduces the risk of short-circuiting your brain during the arduous hunting-and-pecking process. There’s no dearth of excellent cleaning tools on the Web and Apple App Store.

    How to Remove Google Drive Folder from Mac

    After its disappearance, the app will leave a hefty folder with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of files. These items are located on your Mac to ensure that important files are always up to date on every machine you use. You can access the files on the Google cloud; therefore, there’s no point in keeping them on your Mac. If you have been a heavy Google Drive user, the folder has probably bloated to a prohibitively large size. That’s why its deletion will free you up dozens of gigabytes of storage space. An important caveat is due here: once the Google Drive account is disconnected, files from the folder are not backed up on the cloud. It follows that if you don’t want to lose important data, don’t delete the Google folder without copying files that have been created after the discontinuation of the account. Once necessary precautions have been taken, double-click on the folder and select the Move to Trash option. Empty the Trash. Puff, the folder is gone forever.