Using uTorrent for downloading files might seem like a good idea until you find yourself spending hours in search for a healthy torrent and then waiting for hours or even days for the data to download. Is there a better way to use uTorrent on Mac and speed it up? Luckily, there is. You will get some useful tips and tweaks to deal with the torrent acceleration below, but first, let’s find out…

Why is uTorrent client often so slow on Macs?

The most obvious yet often ignored reason is the lack of space on the hard drive. The issue either comes from the overall small HDD size or is the result of downloading larger files through your uTorrent client. The latter factor actually slows down both the client and the Mac itself.

Other reasons for the slow uTorrent include the incorrect client setting, limited ISP rates, and firewall issues. Generally, there are three fields where you should click and tweak to get the higher torrent client speed. Due to specific features of the Mac OS, you have to make these adjustments. They are:

  • Adjusting client settings according to the upload capacity and distributing the upload efficiently;
  • Selecting the right port to avoid program conflicts;
  • Setting up the chosen port to allow any incoming connections.

Internal Settings Adjustment

This part usually consists of setting the proper upload limits and setting the number and quality of peers. And while it may seem evident that the more upload you are giving out, the more download you get from other peers, this is not always the best idea to leave the upload part unlimited.

Online upload calculators would calculate the optimal upload speed for your uTorrent client based on your Internet connection’s upload speed. You can find the upload speed by running one of many online tests. You can also try different upload speeds starting from 80% of your maximum upload speed and lower.

Another preference you can set up for the better result is your bandwidth. Keep in mind the optimal upload number, and move on to limiting the seeding rate and choosing the number of downloads and transfers in Queues. These usually depend on the quality and the speed of your Internet connection, so feel free to play with these setting until you get the best result.

manage bandwidth

Choosing the proper port

First, be sure to uncheck the Randomize Port option — it tends to mess up your torrent speed every time you start the program. Next thing to do is to set the proper port. Again, use online services to check the default port your uTorrent client has chosen for you to see if it is open or blocked. Such port check-up services can be found via Google. If the port is blocked, just switch to another port if needed.

Forwarding the port

When thinking about how to speed up bittorrent on Mac, you definitely should do port forwarding. It means that you must allow connections with this port through firewall and router.

To prevent your firewall from blocking all the incoming and outgoing communication through the port you’ve chosen for your uTorrent client, be sure to check your client connection settings and add the program to the firewall exceptions.

For those users who use the router to access the Internet, the process is a bit more complicated. There are two ways to forward the chosen uTorrent port through the router. In the first instance, you can either use UPnP (less secure) or set up port forwarding manually (more secure). To deal with the firewall, just add your torrent client to the exception list via firewall preferences. Thus, uTorrent will start to admit incoming connections.

Optional adjustments

In the hectic search for the torrent file of a movie or desired book, some users tend to literally use any opportunity they find to get what they want. This often results in picking some of the worst torrents out there. Choosing the ‘good’ torrent is half of your success. Generally, the sign of the ‘good torrent’ is a high seed to peer ratio. More peers – higher speed, as simple as it is!

How else can you speed up the uTorrent app on a Mac? Well, you can also set your client to ignore all peers’ firewall. To do so, look for the ‘Connections’ under the ‘Preferences’ and ‘Options,’ and check in at ‘Enable UPnP Port Mapping.’

And the last but not least — don’t forget to limit the number of downloads at the moment. If you want to download more torrents at the same time try speeding up internet on Mac.

speed up utorrent on mac

Download Legal Content Only!

Testing the options mentioned above and adapting them to serve you the best would be a very effective solution when you need to speed up your Mac in general and torrent downloads in particular. When everything is set and you get the desired uTorrent speed, be sure to always check the type of files you are downloading.

You can safely get files that are marked as ‘creative commons’ and non-copyrighted. Yet, keep in mind that downloading pirated copyrighted content from the Internet is forbidden by law in many states and countries. We do not recommend you doing it under any circumstances.

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